Air Filtration Solutions for Mission Critical Facilities…
Data Centers and Server Rooms

Data Centers and Server Rooms are the backbone for many a industries. With remote access being a norm for a while now and definitely here to stay, there is huge dependency on the reliability of the smooth functioning of these Data Centers and Server Rooms. They are today very rightly termed as Mission Critical Facilities.

Most industries today are highly dependent on sophisticated Data Centers for managing their massive data and for their day-to-day functioning.

With the advent of fast changing technological development in this field it is all the more important to ensure that the Data Centers and Server Rooms do not let us down. Lot of the critical and highly complex information of the varied sectors like banks, financial institutions, defence, communication, etc. are all at the mercy of the data Centers and their smooth functioning.

Bry-Air Data Center


  • Banking
  • Mobile applications 
  • E-commerce or e-retailing 
  • Entertainment/video streaming or gaming 
  • Government sector and departments
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Online education portals
  • Travel portals  
  • Media  channels etc., to name a few

Even in smaller organization having limited space, and there would still be a server rack and immense importance is given to the maintenance and upkeep of the same. Business continuity and consistent communication are dependent on these devices. Hence, for safety and peace of mind, it is highly recommended to go ahead with air filtration solutions to prevent your Data Centers and Server Rooms from corrosive gases and high humidity level.

Facility managers and IT managers are tasked with maximizing the uptime of their critical systems. The situation compels them to maintain robust IT servers and network infrastructure to ensure their uptime and resilience. Any failure or inconsistent communication would result in a loss of critical data and huge productivity loss to the organization.

Beat the crisis by empowering Data Centers

To face the unique challenges during lockdown, the mission critical Data Centers must function round the clock. They should be protected at each level. The first thing to consider about Data Center protection is to ensure clean surrounding environment for its smooth functioning. The environment must be assessed for risk, especially the presence of corrosive gasses and high humidity levels due to temperature fluctuations. Since, the combination of both corrosive gasses and high humidity puts the Data Center at high risk for corrosion.

The infiltration of outdoor particulates and corrosive gaseous contaminants causes CORROSION in Data Centers. When the Data Center facility is located near landfill sites, sewerage/drains, high density traffic, process industries, etc., the corrosion problem gets worse. Thus, protect the electronic equipment in Data Centers. The presence of corrosive gases in Data Centers could lead to corrosion in electrical parts of servers of Data Centers and eventually, can results in:

Failure of electronic components 

  • Circuit failure
  • Data loss
  • Increased downtime
  • Low productivity

To combat the crisis and smooth functioning of Data Center, it is vital for corporates to take following steps:

  • Monitor the corrosive environment in real-time using Atmospheric Corrosivity Monitor (ACM).
  • Remove gaseous contaminants using Data Center Air Purifiers (DAP). It helps in maintain a healthy and corrosion-free environment in the Data Center.