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Advanced Cooling Technologies

Many modern buildings require cooling either for the comfort of the occupants or to protect the processes or equipment they contain.

There are three typical methods which can be employed to cool the buildings;

  • Natural Ventilation
  • Conditioning of air through Evaporative Cooling

The choice of system can have a dramatic effect on the energy consumed by the building due to their different electrical demands.

Ventilation systems can provide comfort cooling for most of the year.

During prolong period of high temperature they are unable to maintain internal temperatures at comfortable level.

Air conditioning is effective but can be expensive to operate.

Evaporative cooling, can produce comfortable temperature consistently provides an intermediate solution which consumes only a fraction of the electricity.

The economics of using evaporative cooling is attractive.

Arctic Cooler - Factory Cooling

Up to 80% reduction in energy used by using evaporative cooling compared to a conventional air conditioning unit seems too good to be true.

Arctic (Ducted) Evaporative Coolers are the world’s best performing evaporative air coolers, having advantages like:

  • Centrifugal blower
  • Highest static and longest throw
  • Highest cooling efficiency
  • Strongest rust proof metal body

Arctic ducted range of air coolers is ideal for industrial factory floor cooling and commercial applications such as schools, restaurants, halls, religious places, villas etc.

Available in various air flow models, these coolers are plug and play and installation services are available through our partners in every state.

Arctic coolers also have a range of free flow spot coolers and indirect evaporative coolers. For more information visit: www.yesArctic.com