Bry-Air Unveiled Waterless Plastic Dryer, GDS

Bry-Air’s experience in ‘art of drying’ is reaching new heights with its waterless plastic dryer, the Green DrySmart Series (GDS). This latest invention has reiterated Bry-Air Knows Drying best.

It is developed to meet the new age drying needs of plastic processors. This super-intelligent series reduces the utility and installation cost. It’s a Green product which promises to deliver up to 40% reduction in operational cost. The energy efficient, hassle free desiccant dryer eliminates the requirement of cooling water, heat exchanger for pre-cooling or water hose and its complicated piping. GDS is compact in size and has a mobile base, provides improved performance with greater mobility.

Bry-Air Green DrySmart

The GDS is embedded with patented honeycomb rotor technology with special geometry and chemistry. It helps reduce the OPEX and other CAPEX costs leading to significant savings which is difficult to derive from other dryers currently available in the market. The return on investment vis-a-vis a standard dryer is faster and hence, the Bry-Air Green DrySmart is slated to be next breakthrough in Plastic Drying. It can deliver < (-) 40 °C dewpoint even at 70 °C return air to desiccant rotor inlet.

GDS is ideal for plastic processors which require less than -60C dew point including automotive, medical plastics, white goods, electrical, packaging, toy, wire and Cable, mobile accessories, biodegradable plastics and many more. It is ideal for processors who are looking for energy efficient solutions with convenience and portability. To know more about Green DrySmart, please read the press release