Do you know… Temperature fluctuation can affect employee performance?

Researchers have found, a cooler environment boost the human mind and help people to think clearly. In high temperature, the human body loses water and energy level which affects our physical & mental ability to perform better. 

Thus, the extremely hot temperature can affect the workplace productivity, accuracy and can make the employee sluggish and unfocused. 

Therefore, cooling the workplace is important for industrial units and ensure consistent productivity throughout the year. Similarly, people visiting commercial buildings like  malls, hospitals, cinemas, educational institutes, restaurants, etc. need a comfortable and cool environment to maintain their energy levels & for better comfort.

Do you know… Temperature Fluctuation

There are three ways to provide cooling solutions to large Industrial units and commercial buildings:

  • Ventilation
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Refrigeration based air-conditioning

Usually, industrial units use the traditional method of ventilation. By switching on fans and opening windows approach can bring some relief but not in all seasons and to all industries. 

Sometimes, the outside air may interrupt the manufacturing process. High process heat,  fumes & vapor if present need to be exhausted For instance.

Out of the lot, Evaporative Cooling is the smartest and cost-effective solution to cool these large establishments. It requires less maintenance as compared to other methods and it brings fresh air & oxygen from outside and cools the workspace. This method uses water to cool the environment and do not produce fog or mist making it suitable for dry climate.

Arctic Evaporative Coolers are the best choice and can be customised as per the needs of the industrial unit. It can achieve the desired temperature drop in the arid climate. Arctic Evaporative Coolers has a greater array of industrial and commercial applications from malls to schools and small to large industrial units. It is eco-friendly and minimises carbon footprint. It keeps carbon dioxide emission down as it uses water & fan. It is easier to maintain with EcoCool pads. Inside noise levels are low.