Vol. XLI No.3, 2021

FFB 4500... The Little Giant

Most people believe that small machines cannot fit into industrial spaces. Our compact dehumidifier has proven them wrong. With the latest addition to the compact dehumidifier family, the FFB-4500 provides effective moisture control with “the toughness” of industrial dehumidifiers…


Silica Gel works wonders when you accidentally wet your phone.

Silica Gel absorbs moisture quicker than uncooked rice. Simply keep the wet phone in a zip-Lock pouch for 2-3 days and silica gel will do the rest

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The Miniaturization of Gadgets and Gizmos


Portability and space consumption are few factors that everyone considers while making a purchase of any gadget or electronic appliance. A large focus of technology upgrade is how to make devices smaller.

Nobody would have imagined in the 80’s or earlier that a telephone could fit in your pockets and could be carried wherever you move.

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When Moisture is Torture
Switch to Secure Environment

Has your purchasing pattern changed since Covid-19 broke out? Do you avoid visiting banks for every transaction to save on time and traveling hassles? For minor ailments, do you prefer video conferencing with your health practitioner?

Have you become a frequent user of OTT platforms? Many of you must be nodding your head in agreement for the above questions. 

Enriching Lives...

Providing Vision to the Underprivileged

Benefiting 34,000 People through Bry-Air organised eye camps in north India with

  • Free eye check-up
  • Spectacles
  • Cataract Surgeries
Wishing All the Best to our Mentor

Sonali Dutta has been mentoring marketing, intellectual property, human resource and CSR teams. Bry Air’s aggressive marketing strategy and reputation have benefited from her efforts.

Bry-Air family wishes her a happy and prosperous retirement and bids a fond farewell to an integral member of the team.

Born to Shine... Cheers to our Para - Champions!

Proud to be associated with GoSports Foundation in your Journey. Avani Lekhkar, Sumit Antil, Krishna Nagar, P-Bhagat and other Para-Champions who brought 19 medals to India at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

These para-athletes have debunked the myths associated with their disability and proved their physical impairment doesn’t stop them in bringing pride to the nation.