Keep yourself Warm with Hot Beverages

The quilted jackets and layers of the blanket are enough to keep your body warm in the chilly winters. It is a sip of hot and calming beverage can blow away those winter chills. The hot drinks comfort body and keep seasonal cold and cough at bay. 

Drink high on antioxidants Tea

To get rid of winter blues, the perfect cup of hot and aromatic tea brings relief to mind and warmth to the body. It is produced using dried tea leaves. Do you know that to bring the perfect cup to your table, tea leaves go through the various processes like withering, drying, sorting, storage, blending and packaging, where it may gain moisture from the atmosphere and release its keys characteristics like its taste, colour, liquoring quality and aroma? Thus, tea leaves need dry air at all stages of processing.

Keep yourself warm with Hot Beverages

Brew a perfect cup of Coffee

Steaming hot coffee is another hot beverage that reduce the body chills. However, the excessive moisture content in the coffee beans can also impact its taste and aroma. The humid environment can accelerate microbial growth. This leads to further deterioration in the quality of the beans and doesn’t match your taste buds.

Sipping steaming hot soups

Instant soups are a healthy and convenient option for winter evenings. There are plenty of flavours in soup powders available in the market. But humidity can destroy the health benefits of soup powder concentrate during powder processing, packaging or storage. Thus, humidity control is essential in food powder industry.

Moreover, during processing soup powder concentrate, the presence of moisture in the surrounding air can cause lumping and caking in powders. It causes the tiny particles to stick or cluster together, thus inhibiting their free flow in the manufacturing or packaging process.

Satisfy chocolate cravings with Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate is the most loved hot drink of the year. It not only makes you feel warm but also instantly lifts your energy levels. However, when moisture comes in contact with its key ingredient i.e. chocolate, it hardens and makes it difficult to mix and ultimately impacts its flavour.

During storage, presence of moisture or condensation on the surface of the chocolate causes sugar to dissolve and be visible in the form of white dots and streaks. Later, when water evaporates it forms sugar crystals. One has to prevent temperature fluctuations.

Bry-Air Solution

Bry-Air Desiccant Dehumidifiers offer simple and most economical solutions to humidity control. It can maintain RH as low as 1% or even lower at a constant level, regardless of ambient conditions.

When tea leaves are processed with dry air during blending, storage and packaging at the controlled temperature, it retains its quality, without suffering the inevitable deterioration which would otherwise take place.

With Bry-Air desiccant based dehumidifiers, cocoa beans are stored with less than 7% moisture content and later allowed to have a moisture content of 7 to 8%. It ensures cocoa beans retain their original aroma and physical characteristics and free from mould, fungal growth.

In powdered food like instant soup concentrates, absence of moisture ensures a free flow of powder and prevents moisture regain during storage, retains the original taste and flavour longer and extends the shelf life.

Hence, Bry-Air Dehumidifier can be the ideal solution to the moisture menace in tea, coffee, powdered food and chocolate.