Issue – Oct-Nov-Nov 2007

When Moisture is Torture

In this column, we will share with you regularly our experience in major application areas where usage of dehumidification is both extensive and essential.

Meat Processing . . . Condensation can “seep” into your profits !

Meat Processing
Meet Processing Industry

Food safety is, probably, one of the most important issues that food companies face day-in and day-out. Concern for public health in the case of potentially devastating consequences of contaminated food have driven industry associations, safety experts and watchdog organizations to establish guidelines not only for food handling, but for plant and process line design. Following these recommendations can reduce the possibility of a catastrophe.

Microorganism growth is one of the main causes of potential Food contamination. Moisture results in increased microorganism growth. Microbial growth and dispersal can be controlled if the food processing facility is kept dry.

But keeping a plant dry is not easy as water is an essential part of product and process of food processing. Ensuring the correct moisture and condensation levels for food production is crucial, particularly for the meat industry.

Food safety scares in the Western world, specially the US and Europe has drawn food processors’ attention to desiccant dehumidification systems, which ensure the right levels of humidity within food production facilities.

Water vapours released during slaughtering and processing, cooking processes and temperature differentials contribute to moisture buildup inside a plant. Preventing fog and condensation build-up by controlling the room temperature and humidity retards microbial growth. Controlling condensation by ensuring management of moisture levels is now an accepted engineered solution as Air-conditioning usually is not sufficient to eliminate condensation.

Compared to the typical refrigeration system, desiccants are effective in removing moisture from the air without condensing or at extremely low temperatures

The Problem

…in nearly all meat, poultry and seafood processing plants:

  • Sweating / Fogging

Bry-Air Solution

  • Removal of moisture through desiccant dehumidification thus, ensuring condensation does not occur.